10 Time Tips for the New Year


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that we are already behind when we start a new year. We place more expectations on ourselves to buckle down and get it all done. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Ask yourself if you are doing something out of obligation, as a should or if it really is a goal of yours.
  2. Notice when you start to feel self-pressure. Ask yourself how you can loosen up about this. Or how it can be easier. Or if it is as important as you are thinking it is.
  3. Narrow down projects and goals to 1-3 at a time so you can actually finish things.
  4. Plan your year, months, weeks and days even if it’s just jotting down a few things in your waiting time. Don’t be too structured with your planning. Allow for life’s flow.
  5. When you drift into zoning out, see if you can find actual self-care like a walk, meditation, prayer, drinking water or doing a dance.
  6. Cut down on social media time if it is affecting your goals and/or your mood.
  7. Don’t have every bit of downtime be attached to a device. Remember when you used to go to the bathroom, stand in line or wait at a stop sign without your phone? Our brains need a rest sometimes to just wander.
  8. Not sure what to do next? Haven’t listened to yourself in awhile? Try creating a check-in jar.
  9. Take a 1-5 breath pause between finishing something and starting something new, to appreciate what was done and get focused on the next thing.
  10. Get an accountability partner to share goals and progress. I also do email accountability if you’d like me as your accountability partner. 

Wishing you a year of freedom, renewal and meaning!

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