I have just been having a burst of energy this past few days. I am ahead in the writing of my newsletter and 52 Tips. I am almost through writing the procrastination e-course. I revamped and added to Articles. And I am reorganizing the basement craft area with the kids. I was inspired by a book to move some furniture around and use a little used cabinet as a craft cabinet. It is going great!
I read this today in David Allen’s book Ready for Anything: “Trying to do it all, have it all, and be it all will exhaust the human mechanism. “More and better” will always stretch out in front of you, as you attain it. To surf on top of the game instead of drowning, infinite “everything you could ever want” must be corralled into doable, physical chunks. Expansive expressiveness requires intellignece and conscious limitation to be sustainable.”Ă‚Â

I agree. So many people I know are tired and worn out from doing it all instead of narrowing it down to doable actions. We need to make conscious choices on our time.


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