Living this Summer

I love being around people that are enthusiastic and in love with their lives, don’t you? Like Kal.

Yesterday evening I took the teens to the concert in the park to see the Soulz of Rhythm. A gorgeous evening, so we decided to walk there.

Live music is always so much better than a recording. You can feel the energy. The band did a terrific job. A couple did some swing dancing to one of the songs – they were excellent and looked like they were having fun.

I ran into several people I knew there so we were able to connect.

My son might have preferred to play video games instead. And my daughter brought her book. But I could see her feet moving. My son was enjoying much of the music and was clapping along.

So much of our lives are virtual – TV, video games,  you can do almost anything online.  But, that is not the same thing as face to face living, getting out of the house living.

My laundry has piled up a bit  and I’m behind on filing, but that’s not going to stop me from experiencing life. There is no later, only now.