12 Days After Christmas

Many of us worked hard this holiday season, preparing a joyous time for our families and friends. This time can also be an emotional time with family dynamics and remembering losses. The 12 days after Christmas are a wonderful time to renew ourselves. Every day you can do a little something that will make you feel delightful. I’m posting this now, so you can get this into your calendar. Here is my list, but you can change ideas to what makes you feel great.
  • December 26 Give yourself a face massage with jojoba oil with a drop or 2 of your favorite essential oil.
  • December 27 Sit back and listen to a few of your favorite songs without doing anything else.
  • December 28 Use a mixture of brown sugar, oil and honey to exfoliate your lips then put on an extra moisturizing chap stick.
  • December 29 Savor one piece of a rich dark chocolate or whatever your favorite treat is. No guilt, only pure enjoyment.
  • December 30 Watch a favorite, comforting movie of yours. I like the Sound of Music.
  • December 31 Whether you go out for New Year’s Eve or not, dance to a song or two. Really let loose.
  • January 1 Wear something you feel fantastic in, maybe with sparkles.
  • January 2 Give yourself a warm foot bath with 5 drops of essential oil. Moisturize afterwards and put on your coziest socks.
  • January 3 Enjoy a ripe pear or pomegranate at the kitchen table with no distractions.
  • January 4 Give yourself a head massage, have your spouse do it or use a contraption like this (link to it).
  • January 5 Immerse yourself in a novel for at least 30 minutes.
  • January 6 Plan some weekly renewal time this coming year.

How do you plan to renew?