Bring Your Vacation Home


I went away for three days on our annual vacation "up north" as we say here in Michigan over Labor Day Weekend.

When you can’t get away, it’s great to remember what you learned on vacation.

Being away out in nature, reawakened my need to get outside more. I felt renewed kayaking, hiking, swimming in the lake, and walking everywhere. So this weekend we went hiking as a family.

I also remembered how it feels not to get my time alone. After three days of no time alone I was ragged. Quiet time is back on top of my list.

And I recalled how animals give me joy. I loved visiting the elk. And seeing my daughter and husband catch crayfish. Toads and salamanders hopped around in my hand before jumping back out into the woods. Chipmunks hovered around which they hadn’t in past years. We laughed as a chipmunk tried to take a walnut that was too big for it.

This weekend we went to the nature center and saw a frog, turtles, squirrels and birds outside. And our cat got lots of love when we came home.

My favorite revelation was enjoying how it felt not to have to be anywhere. Each day we followed our urges and did whatever we wanted to do. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a monthly day that no schedule was followed?