My Number One Simpler Life Tip

My friend Marcia, from Organising Queen, asks, "What is your TOP tip that you use in your everyday life that has helped to simplify your life most effectively?"

The tip that helps me simplify the most, is to make conscious decisions. I don’t give automatic yeses to requests without thinking. I check my schedule before I add anything new. I have questions in my wallet of things to ask before I buy things.

So many of us sleep walk through life, doing the same things we have always done. So how can you wake yourself up? I have an email reminder that tells me to stop and check in with myself and God to see how things are going. On Twitter I follow mindful1PerHour and it has a chime that rings every hour to re-focus your attention. I don’t necessarily stop every hour, but at least a few times a day.



And you can become more aware of the choices you make. Instead of automatically reaching for the cookies, you can pause and ask yourself what you really want. You can decide for yourself if something is really urgent or can wait a bit. Instead of rushing out the door in the morning you can have some quiet time and set an intention for the day ahead. What do you want this day to be about?

You can pause between tasks to decide what really is most important to do next. Making conscious decisions allows you to notice other options.

A review at the end of the day allows you to see what is working and what isn’t so you can make changes for a simpler life. Play back a movie of your day in your head and see where things got rushed, overly complicated or distasteful. What can you try the next day to make things smoother?

We make choices and decisions all day long, but most are automatic. What would happen if you paused before your choices today?