19 Random Acts of Kindness for Jon


I have gotten so many supportive emails and I so appreciate them. I got a lovely one today. In it she said, "So many people care about you and find it hard to see you grieving when there is nothing we can do."

Well, an aquaintance, Stephanie, came up with something we could do. 19 Random Acts of Kindness, one for each year of Jon’s life and one for the good that comes from his life.

Truly the only thing to do in the face of darkness, is to bring light. Counter with good.

Jen Louden writes about it here:


I would love to see people join in doing 19 Random Acts of Kindness.

You can find ideas here, and here. But most importantly, just keep an eye open for opportunity. Jonathan was always doing kind things like helping a friend clean up before a bonfire, fixing someone’s mp3 player or towing a broken down car. He saw the opportunity to help when most people didn’t notice.

Some people are doing their acts of kindness in honor of Jon. But, some also for people they lost or for the people in Japan.

Let’s make our communities kinder places.



  • Beth, I love, love, LOVE this idea and am participating with the greatest of pleasure. I love the examples you gave of the types of things Jon would do and will keep those in mind.

    I think I’ll blog about it…. and I’m taking sweet forever to do mine – I don’t want to feel rushed and not honour this act of service.

  • Char Brooks says:

    this is a beautiful post Beth – and I am glad the idea touched your heart.

  • Raelene says:

    Wonderful idea.
    Praying for you…..Rae

  • Jo Dargis says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing as we all need to let Jonathans light shine thru everything we do…we know this was his way…he would do things to help me I knew he really was not “fond” of…like weeding, or cleaning, BUT HE DID IT WITH A SMILE…and did not want anything for it…
    I will gladly participate…

  • Dear Beth,
    As Mark Twain said:
    “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.
    “A bondade é a língua que o surdo pode ouvir e o cego pode ver”.
    Thank you for your kindness in sharing with us!
    Hugs from Brasil and sorry for your loss.

  • Jane says:

    Hi Beth

    I live in Australia and had only signed up for your email just days before Jon passed. I was incredibly impressed by your courage and bravery in sharing what was happening to you with the world. Many people feel afraid or unable to share their times of hardship with others but I often think that we cannot people if we don’t know they need it.

    I love the 19 random acts for Jon idea and will get started on mine today.

    Love to you and your family

  • Farida says:

    I’m glad youre back.Even in your time of grief you make time for others.That to me that is a act of kindness.
    Thank you.
    Love,Peace and joy to you and your family

  • Sandi P says:

    Beth, so glad to see your newsletter.
    I’ve been through enough grief to know that each loss is unique, but I also know that, although time doesn’t make the pain go away, it does make it easier to bear. Wishing you strength and courage through this time, and I will think of Jonathan in all the many random acts of kindness we all both give and recieve.

  • Beth says:

    Thank you all for joining in!

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