“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” -Albert Camusテつ

In David Allen’s books “Ready for Anything” he writes that if you want to figure out the future, then you have to figure out where you are now. You should know:

1. What are your current tasks?

2. What are your currect projects?

3. What are your current areas of responsibility?

4. How are your job and personal affairs going to be changing in the next year?

5. How are your organiziation, your career, and your personal life going to change in the next few years?

6. Why are you on the planet? What is your life purpose?

Boy it’s been awhile. I spent most of December sick with colds I caught from my children. Anyway, I was surfing the net today looking for information on goal setting and I found this fun site: http://www.my50.co.uk/. It has a list of 50 suggestions for things to do in your lifetime, let’s you make your own list and publish it, and you are able to sign in to upload pictures of yourself doing these things.テつ

Holiday time is often stress time. Here is a reminder for some stress relievers:

  • Decide what’s really important to you in life and for this holiday season.
  • Use a family Google calendar or wall calendar to coordinate things
  • Use your watch or cell phone and leave 10 minutes early
  • Use your voicemail instead of answering each phone call as it comes in
  • Use a bulletin board or erasable whiteboard for a family message center and shopping lists
  • Get enough sleep, especially when it seems you have too much to do
  • Think first before you do something to decide which is the easiest way
  • Don’t buy high maintenance items
  • Simplify your eating and cooking habits
  • Plan your day the night before and lay out what you will need
  • Avoid crowds, shop at odd times
  • Say no to things that you don’t have the time or energy for
  • Declutter
  • Use music to put you in a different mood

What are your favorite stress relievers?

The average business person receives 190 pieces of information each day and spends 150 hours each year looking for stuff. Liz Davenport want to help create Order from Chaos – Helping People and Businesses Get Organized and Stay Organized for over 25 years.テつ

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.テつ テつ

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


Did you see the lunar eclipse last night? The night sky was so clear at my house. My husband came in and told us all to go outside for something. We looked up and the sight was magnificent.

Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.テつ テつ

– George Bernard Shaw

“Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the
natural consequence of consistently applying the basic
— Jim Rohnテつ テつ

As my kids get older, I am finding I can come up with more excuses for not having one on one time with my kids. They don’t “need” me as much, right? This week was a tough one with my 11 year old son. He has always had a tendency to forget things and get distracted. Well, now that he is in middle school there are a lot more things to remember. He got a detention on Monday for forgetting to bring his homework for 3 days in one week. I spent Mon and Tues berating him, asking him the”Why don’t you…” questions, saying, “Didn’t I tell you…”, arguing with him, and so on. It wasn’t helping and he got another detention for forgetting his gym stuff 3 times in a row.Finally I decided I was tired of being an enemy and our relationship was deteriorating rapidly. I thought of what we were doing if I was his coach. We got pro-active, working together as a team and asking what we could do to prevent these things from happening. We came up with a homework checklist of all the little things he had to remember like write down homework in log book, check over answers, put homework in binder, etc. After he is completely done with each part of his homework all the way to being in binder, he puts a checkmark there. Before he’d wander off in the middle of homework, forgetting he wasn’t done with it.

But, the most important thing that we did was to spend some time together. He stayed on track with his homework so we had some extra time to work on a 3-D puzzle. We laughed and talked. I didn’t show him how to do anything better or criticize, we just hung out together.

The next morning he woke up saying he felt so happy, but he didn’t know why. All day he acted like an angel. In the afternoon, after he had completed his homework in a timely manner, I took him and his sister on a fall scavenger hunt. After his little sister went to bed, we talked for a little bit. Just chatting.

He woke up with eyes shining this morning, of course that could just be because it is Halloween :), but I can see a change in him already.

I read that terrific book Authentic Happiness a couple months back. Well he also has a web site:Authentic Happiness – Using the New Positive Psychology. The 24 strengths, questionnaires, test and more are here.

“Aging stiffens things, increasing vulnerability to breakage. Boughs that bend to the wind stick around longer. Approaches that are too structured or formal take inappropriate energy to maintain and sooner or later must give way to greater forces.” -David Allen, talking about change and how we need both change and order.