Day: April 16, 2007

  • 1. Say no to taking calls during dinner. 2. Start saving $10 more a week – less magazines, coffee, junk food? 3. Take your time preparing a meal and enjoy yourself. 4. Decide on your boundaries for working weekends. 5. Put a timer on

  • One of the best things about living a simpler life, is more time to be with the people you love. This weekend my son spent time with a friend so I had one-on-one time with my 12 year old daughter. The sun was out after a week of winter snow

  • I was tagged by Marcia from Take Charge and Ariane from Neat Living. The task – photograph our desks to show how we normally have our desks. I am very visual so you will find notes taped to below my monitor, notecards attached to my action