25 Things I Never Get Tired Of

I don’t want to be a person that takes things for granted. I want to pay attention and enjoy what I have. Marcia and Jen shared their lists.

I’d love to see your lists. You can post them in the comments.

In no particular order: 25 Things I Never Get Tired Of:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Seeing snow covered trees
  3. Hugs from my kids
  4. Kisses
  5. Never written in notebooks
  6. Homemade hot cocoa
  7. Listening to the "Nutcracker" or the "Messiah"
  8. Singing along to the radio
  9. Walks in the woods
  10. Getting lost in a luscious novel
  11. Really soft blankets
  12. Talking with my cousin
  13. Mango scented body butter
  14. Making someone smile
  15. Different colored Sarasa or Uniball pens
  16. Browsing libraries and book stores
  17. A gorgeous red patterned scarf I have
  18. Our hand carved anniversary candle
  19. The smell of coffee brewing
  20. Playing in the water at the beach
  21. Travelling
  22. A quiet room to myself
  23. Sitting on the bed with the family watching movies
  24. Cozy socks
  25. Saying thanks

How about you? What are some things you never get tired of?