3 Steps to Renewal


beach walk

Holland State Park – Lake Michigan where I often go for renewal

1) Schedule a sabbath weekly – no computer, no shopping, no work, no chores. If taking a full day off is a bit scary, start with one hour a weekend. You will get more energy so you will want to add hours the next weekend. I love my day of rest to go to the beach, read, take family hikes, play board games, and let go of the week’s work.

2) Decide how you are currently relaxing that doesn’t make you feel relaxed. Too much TV, computer games, shopping, and so on often leaves you feeling empty and blah, rather than relaxed.

3) Do something you really enjoy and that engages you during one of your usual zoning out periods. Instead of a TV episode try playing the piano, going out to see live music or going for a walk with a friend. What makes you feel alive?

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