30 Day Declutter Challenge – August 1

I was so excited to see all the people wanting to join us for the Declutter Challenge.

Decluttering is a way to take control of your home, instead of your home controlling you.

My Day 1 decluttering challenge came on me by accident. I was looking through my shorts and decided to straighten out my drawers. I found a pair of shorts that I had for years. Faded denim and green paint from when I painted the kitchen cabinets sage in 1999.

"But, I can’t get rid of them. They are so comfortable," I told myself.

Then I pictured how I looked in them. The stains. The stringy bottom hem.  Why would I want to put these things on my body again? Out of the drawer I threw the shorts.

As I sorted the rest of the shorts I found a faded black denim skirt. It doesn’t even look black. I tried to talk myself into keeping it – after all this skirt was comfortable too. But, the color on it was so sad and the hem was coming loose. I suppose I could dye it and sew it, but truthfully it was probably a $5 skirt. And I have a cute, black skirt that is actually black.