30 Day Declutter Challenge – August 4


Is clutter holding you back from living the life you want to live? Clutter is hard to move around and doesn’t give you room to grow.

In my coaching and declutter groups, I find that one of the biggest clutter culprits is paper.

I have an inbox that every single paper that comes into the house goes, except for a few schedules that go on the family calendar in the kitchen.

I usually go through the inbox every 3 days or so. Sometimes it is more than a week and the in box looks like this:

Definitely time for a sort – most ended up in the garbage, some in the tickler file as reminders or to take action on, bills in my to pay file, coupons went into the coupon holder, 3 or 4 papers were filed and a couple things had to get inputted into the computer or calendar.

And the inbox ended up like this:


  • Oh wonderful – I’ve been eyeing my “workshop” area in my home office (where I keep all the notes and files of all the workshops I’ve ever done) and I need to go through that pile, especially since I’m specialising in the time and space stuff.

    Thanks for that reminder!

    Are we on for Friday as usual?

  • Michelle says:

    I’m impressed – my desk has SEVERAL piles that look like your in-box before picture!

    Just wanted to check in and say I’m decluttering and taking photos but will wait to post till Friday.

  • klj says:

    Today I tackled the cabinet under my kitchen sink. I threw away old, raggedy rags, and consolidated the many bottles of dish liquid. I also moved some of my cleaning supplies to the garage to free up space.

  • Beth says:

    Hi Marcia,

    Yes – Friday

    Good for you Michelle!

    Klj- that’s always a tricky spot, big way to go!

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