30 Day Declutter Challenge – Day 18

My kids are 14 and 16. My son is over at driver’s training right now. I believe it’s time to let go of the pillow to put the tooth in for the tooth fairy.

Tooth pillow

Sunday I had a mini retreat and remembered there are two sides to self care.

There is the resting, restoring and relaxing. And the other side is doing things that make you fully alive and lit up. I think many people right now have too much going on. All they want to do is rest and relax when work is done. Then they are missing out on the things that give them vitality.

I remember a time when I thought it was too tiring to make plans to go out to a concert or take a nature walk after work. I thought staying home and watching TV or reading would restore my energy. But, that was only part of the equation.

If you are only emptied, not filled you may fill that space with clutter and things.

Check to see if any of that resonates with you this week.