• Ok…. you just made me think that I have some mismatched earrings that I need to just pitch out. One was my favorite earrings that I lost when I took off my motorcyce helmet one time (I think) I didn’t realize until later. I keep hanging on to the other one because MAYBE it will show up??? UH, I don’t think so .. that was 5 years ago!!!! Good grief!

  • Tookshire says:

    Throw them away. You’ll find the others after that happens.

    I had two unmatched earings that I loved – one was rather expensive (real gems and all that). I kept them each until a major decluttering spurt last year. A few months later I found the not-expensive missing earing. I know I checked that spot, too.

  • Beth says:

    I know, I have had beautiful earrings that I couldn’t bear to let go. One became a push pin for a bulletin board and one ended up in a scrapbook layout.

  • Beth, that’s a great idea!

  • Susan says:

    I have some singles of earrings too. It IS so hard to aprt with them. I love your ideas Beth. I could make a push pin or put it in a layout (if I evr did and scrapbooking now).

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