30 Day Declutter Challenge – Day 9

Just a reminder you have until 12 EST to post your decluttering for the past 7 days either in the Mr. Linky or the comments at the bottom of Marcia’s post.

For Christmas I got a lovely jewelry box that holds all my jewelry. But as I was looking for my travel jewelry box, I ran across a bunch of other boxes.

Before I got my big jewelry box I had two boxes for earrings, another for rings, necklaces were always getting tangled, and bracelets were in another container.

The great thing about having all your jewelry in one place is, if your earrings no longer fit into the earring area, you know it is time to declutter. Not time for another box. It has also simplified laying out my clothes and jewelry for the next day.

I let go of the old boxes. I almost kept a couple in case I was giving jewelry as a gift. But, then they always give you a present box at the store if you ask for them.

jewel boxes

 P.S. I love these jewelry boxes Real Simple magazine writes about