Reaching Capacity

How do you know when it is time to simplify? When you are reaching capacity.

Overflowing Coffee

(Going beyond capacity isn’t pretty. Photo by MyLifeStory)

As a volunteer, you want to give your joy, passion and your strengths to something that is dear to you. When you are involved in so many causes or projects, it’s hard to give your all to any. When you are asked to take on another project, you can truthfully say that you wish you could, but you are at capacity right now.

The same goes for social events. Some of you can enjoy more social events than others. When you feel you really need to recuperate, rather than go to another event, you have reached capacity.

Knowing your own capacity and limits is helpful when making decisions on what to take on. And what to let go of.

You need to keep checking in with yourself because capacity changes depending on self care, how much you have on your plate, how spiritual nourished you are and things like hormones.

As you look at your life, where have you reached capacity? What can you let go of?