32 More Things to Go


I was in a play this month. We’d been rehearsing since January and the last week before the play I spent most of the time at the theater 30 minutes away in good traffic. I would get home at 11:30pm amped up and awaken to work or sing in the choir at 7:30am. Oh yes, I sang two solos the weekend before the play and a solo the week after the play.

Time was crunched majorly. I still have a to do list of 32 things (31 after this blog post :).

But, I wasn’t really stressed. I kept reminding myself that it’s the thoughts about time that make me stressed, not time itself. I didn’t get everything done and I let myself be all right with that.

Last weekend we visited my Grandma, Mom, Sister and the kids. So this weekend I am playing catch up. And as it’s 7pm I have a feeling I am still not finishing the to do list.

We all assign meaning to not completing the to do list or not getting “enough” done or not reaching inbox zero for email. The good news is that you are the one that made the meaning. So now you can have it mean no big deal. We all have full lives and most people don’t reach the bottom of their to do list every day (or most days).

If you need some help with dealing with your thoughts and not-enoughness, my Change Your Relationship to Time class is coming up in June. I’d love all of you to feel more relaxed dealing with time.

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