3rd Annual Spending Fast this May

An idea that worked well for me the past couple years is a 30 day spending fast. And I enjoyed having the company of others.

I am going to start this years spending fast on May 1st. At the end, put the money you saved in savings or use it to pay down debt. The goal is to buy only the necessities like food.

No purchases like cute home decor or books or entertainment. You will really discover your needs vs. wants. Some ideas to help:

  • Eat from your pantry
  • Stay out of stores you tend to make impulse purchases
  • Only run errands once a week
  • If you see something you think would be really helpful to you, write it on a list to buy next month. See if you still feel this way next month.
  • Barter/trade/borrow

If you want to join me, let me know in the comments.