40 Things by the Time I’m 40

Around my 38th birthday last week I took some retreat time to relax, ask myself questions and do some daydreaming about the future. During my retreat I did my 40 thing to Do Before I’m 40 List. My list consists of improvements I want to make, things that are important to me, and things I think would be fun. Too many goal lists only have improvements to make.

40 birthday cake

Photo by Stella Brazil

**** denotes personal

  1. Exercise 5 days a week for 3 months. [My former goal was 7 days a week and I usually get 4 workouts in. I think I will strive for 5 before I go to 7]
  2. Go on a family vacation to Montana
  3. Get caught up on scrapbooking
  4. Start and end my day with stillness, not technology
  5. Begin using cloth napkins again
  6. Get one massage a month [This used to be a habit that I fell out of]
  7. Incorporate 5 minutes of silence into my daily quiet time.
  8. Enforce how the family speaks to one another. [Why do teens have to speak so meanly sometimes?]
  9. Memorize 10 verses
  10. Limit myself to 2 hours of TV a day [I’ve been getting caught up in the election coverage]
  11. Reach out weekly as a pastoral care elder
  12. Experiment with no sugar for 30 days
  13. Use my debt reduction plan
  14. *****
  15. Encourage the kids to have a daily quiet time
  16. Send weekly encouraging notes
  17. Pray daily for my husband and kids
  18. Keep the Sabaath weekly [almost there, but still needs some tweaking]
  19. Take a one hour yoga class
  20. Take a drawing class
  21. Rejoin a writer’s group
  22. Buy fresh flowers weekly for one summer
  23. Create a quitting work ritual for when I am done with work for the day
  24. Go kayaking down the Kalamazoo river with the family
  25. Allergy proof my bedroom
  26. *****
  27. Go on a 2 hour bike ride
  28. Give blog
  29. Visit Windmill Island
  30. No complaining or criticizing for one week
  31. Get a real facial
  32. Learn to whistle
  33. Learn to skip stones
  34. Practice eating only when hungry for 30 days
  35. Live within my means
  36. *****
  37. *****
  38. Go on a weekend away with my husband
  39. Get up by 7am consistently
  40. *****

Do you have any upcoming birthdays or events that are important to you that you can use as momentum for starting some of those goals you will do "someday"?