5 Favorite Sites


I was tagged by Marcia to write my 5 favorite sites:

  1. ComfortQueen.com, especially her Mood Changer. You click on your mood and out pops the perfect articles.
  2. Alternatives for Simple Living – I read their thought for the day, every day.
  3. 43Things – reminds me of my goals and allows me to cheer on others.
  4. LovingYou.com – I really like the romance calendar and it’s great for date ideas
  5. BlogHer.com – a community of women bloggers

What are your favorite sites? You can answer in the comments.

And I am tagging:

Katie of Loosely Speaking

Elizabeth of Munchkins on the Path

and Brandie of Organize. Simplify. Transform


  • Katie says:

    Hi Beth,

    Let’s see. This question probably could be answered diffferently on different days! And, a look at my computer’s history might indicate my favorites are those I visit most often, but as I took a long overdue of the actual contents of the bookmarks file, that didn’t turn out to be true.

    This exercise made me reexamine all my bookmarks and I discovered I really needed to clean them up. Deleting a BUNCH that are no longer functional or that I no longer need was an exercise in simplification. So thanks for the tag, Beth; this task was long overdue.

    Here are my favorites (today, at least!):

    1. High School Baseball Web Intended for those families with a son who plays baseball at the high school level or above, this site has been my constant companion over the last three years.

    2. The Internet Movie Database I raised a tribe of move addicts. My kids and I go into this resource all the time.

    3.The Shady Dell in Bisbee Arizona I love vintage everything, and what could be more fun than a motor hotel made of restored campers and a boat? Near Bisbee, Arizona, I’ve never stayed there yet, but plan to one of these days.

    4. Off the Road: Your Guide to New Mexico Another travel-plan-in-progress: My husband and I have been dreaming of a roadtrip through this part of New Mexico (we live in Arizona) and when we found this site we couldn’t believe our eyes. Still saving it until we actually get to use it.

    3. Knitty Knitting is one of my passions and there are tons of great sites and resources available. This one is tops, in my opinion.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks Katie! I loved seeing your favorite sites and getting some local flavor.

  • This is so much fun! I already posted on it, so I am including the link here. Thanks for including me!

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