7 Reasons You Are Not Living A Simpler Life

Live Simple

You think you want to live simple. But, for some reason it never happens for you. Here are 7 reasons you may not be living a simpler life:

  1. You don’t really want to. You thrive on adrenaline and things moving all the time. Not everyone really wants a simpler life, and that is just fine.
  2. You never plan for the important things in your life. The things that get done are the things that scream the loudest: deadlines, broken things, emergencies.
  3. Any time you get still and quiet, you freak. When there is space or quiet, you turn on the radio or start thinking about to dos. An empty shelf gets filled immediately. The TV goes on as you enter the house.
  4. You don’t like to limit. You let your kids join a zillion things that you have to transport and do things for. You don’t give yourself a bed time. You think you can do it all – and do it perfectly. More is always better to you.
  5. You want to be liked. If you say no you think they won’t like you anymore. If you start taking care of yourself other people might think you are selfish. You don’t want conflict so you never choose what you want to do or not do.
  6. You don’t make conscious choices. You are just so tired, you fall onto old habits that may not be moving you towards the life you want. You don’t see the choices that would allow you to live more simply.
  7. You are blaming everyone else. Your family won’t let you have a simpler life. Your boss is a mess. The economy is in the tank. If all you do is blame, you won’t be looking for solutions. Most things can get better if you think creatively.

Any of these you want to tackle this week?