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For the reviews and predictions project


I can feel my heartbeat go quicker thinking about the brand new planners, my clear 2007 SARK calendar, and a new chance to make my life even more simpler and more fulfilling.

I have a vision in my head of how I want next year to be.

Of course I had a vision last year too. It’s easy to think I didn’t move forward at all. I didn’t lose 10 pounds, keep my house organized from top to bottom, make tons of money, and stay perfectly balanced in al aspects of my life. After all, that is what the perfectionist in me would say is success.

But, the rational side of me says that not everything you accomplish is through goals. And as long as some improvement is made you are headed in the right direction. I want to feel happy and successful about what I did do. The only one stopping me from that is that voice in my head that tells me I am never enough.

So, I told that voice to be quiet.

This is the year I:

  • started to get regular massages and get my hair cut at a real salon.
  • got rid of three activities that no longer interested me and had more time to pursue ones that did
  • set boundaries on work time
  • went to two fantastic seminars
  • introduced my son to Shakespeare at the theatre
  • swam every week in the spring and summer
  • switched to soft contacts
  • invited more people out to lunch
  • landscaped my yard with my husband
  • doubled my newsletter list
  • got closer with my Mom
  • went to three family reunions
  • had trials with my kids but still have a great relationship where we talk to each other
  • got certified as a Family Manager Coach
  • took the kids out of the midwest for the first time
  • went cavern exploring even though I was trembling in spots from the height
  • limited my time at one of my volunteer activities and added more time to another I am passionate about
  • started playing the piano again
  • played many games, did tons of crafts and went on lovely hikes with the family
  • signed up for the grocery game to cut coupon clipping time
  • stayed caught up with email most of the time
  • am half way done creating my business manual
  • and really spent time in spiritual matters

Now I feel energized and optimistic about the year ahead. What small changes or things did you accomplish this year? Go ahead, tell that voice in your head to be quiet.


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