Break Time Books


I have a little basket near my work area with small books for break time like Office Yoga, 365 Ways to Energize Mind, Body & Soul, and Interludes. Each of these books have quick break ideas like feed the birds, do a certain yoga pose they show or have a noise fast.

I ran across notes on a seminar I went to with Interludes author Linda Anderson, entitled “Hurry Up, Slow Down.” She was going full steam ahead and neglecting her health and relationships when she was struck with cancer. She said she felt so relieved when she had an excuse to X out all those committments on her calendar she no longer would be able to do. After 3 years of getting through the disease she was taught to slow down, whether she wanted to or not. In slowing down, she realized how much of life she was missing when she was racing through it.

She says she gets the comment often, “I just can’t slow down.” Linda counters saying most of what we do is our choice. We chose this job, we can choose another for less money and more time. We choose to stay busy because we love how it sounds when we talk to other people. “Oh yes, I am just so busy doing …..” Busy comes to mean important. We choose to neglect our health by making other things more important. Sometimes, like when a family member is ill, we don’t choose. But, these instances are more short term.

Things shouldn’t be more important than our health and other people. We have so many possessions we don’t need and we rush to get more instead of enjoying what we have.

In her book, Interludes, she writes, “We expertly dodge or perpetually postpone rest and balance, choosing instead the accumulation of things or titles or others’ approval. Many times this is unintentional, but often it is simply the way we choose to live. As a result, many women are now feeling the pinch of the trap and are beginning to make courageous and often misunderstood choices to really live. To embrace time for rest, for play, for art, for love, for God. Life, as designed by our culture, has imploded on some, and they are rebelling.” She warns we will be going against our culture and it may be difficult, but it is worth it.

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