A Day in the Life

I’m still working on getting a new routine going. I re-discovered my husband and I don’t sleep well in the same bed. We are out of practice. So we both slept in today.

I was up in time to do an excellent chat with a client though.

Both of the kids had after school activities, so I was able to get most of my to do list done anyway.

Jeff and I had lunch together before he left for work.

I got tons done on my upcoming Simplicity Makeover Program (look for it in March).

My son and I went to the library as I picked him up from school. When my daughter got home we had a little dance party to Pat Benatar and Bon Jovi. Then we cooled down with some yoga. She is much more flexible than I am.

After dinner the kids and I made birthday cards for my Grandma.

While the kids did homework and chores I worked on taxes. I’ve been doing the 15 minutes a day principle. But, since we had pictures taken yesterday I didn’t get my 15 minutes in. So today I did a little over 30 minutes on the taxes.

I also have about 4 days worth of papers. So I have been going through 5 papers in between each task. The pile is almost gone.

Now I am looking forward to a shower and some reading time before bed.