A Drastic Change


I was changing channels when I ran across a show I never saw before, ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’. I’m not quite sure who Rachel Zoe is, but it looked like a designer.

In this episode she was diagnosed with vertigo, an inner ear problem that makes you feel like you are motion sick,  brought on by stress. She apparently lives a very stressful, on the go life. Taking time off and resting seemed like a nightmare to her.


I was interested to see what was up with her now, and this is what she said at her blog:

"Have you tried changing your lifestyle?

YouRachel Zoe know, the answer to that is yes. But in the same breath, I would tell you that it’s almost impossible for me to change my lifestyle. I’d have to make drastic changes and adjustments. The thing is, I wish it were a choice, but at the end of the day it’s definitely given me a lot of time to think and reevaluate the way I live. I think I can do everything when in fact I can’t. My body is just showing me that I can’t do everything anymore?"

That’s the hard part of finding a simpler lifestyle. Many times, small changes here and there really help you. Yet sometimes you do need to change jobs or downsize your home or do another drastic change.

If you want to have a simpler life to feel better but you work 12 hour days just about every day, simplifying will be really difficult. If trying to get your schedule changed isn’t allowed, you may have to look for other work. If you find work for less hours and less pay, maybe the second car will have to go.

You may need to delegate a lot and lose some of that control.

You may need to realize that you do have a choice, but you may not like how other people would react.

But when your health is under fire or your relationships break or you find yourself constantly miserable you do need to choose.

And when you do make that drastic change, you will be so surprised at how one change can make all the difference.


Photo Credt: Jurvetson


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