A Freer Year


At the beginning of the year it feels like people are tight. This is the year they will be disciplined, focused and reach all there goals. Above all the regular activities of the day now they want to exercise an hour a day, do home cooked meals every night and stay productive 100% of the time during work.

The breathing is shallower. The jaw is clenched. The neck and shoulders are tense. You are popping more stomach calmers. Pressure is stifling.

And the sad part is, most of the pressure is put on by yourself.

What if we started with one small goal broken down in little parts. What one small action could you take towards one small goal?

Or you can even throw the goal out the window. Live in the present. When you make the present better, than the future becomes better as well.


One year my Word of the Year was freedom. It helped tremendously in my decision making.

As I was looking at my options, I was asking, “Do I feel lighter, freer, looser? Or do I feel tighter, constricted and trapped?”

The freer choice is usually the one that is better for you, the option that comes from the soul. It’s based more on who you are and what is important to you.

The tighter choice usually means you are choosing based on ego, how people will think of you, or on other’s expectations. And sometimes we do need to go that way, say on a work project. But, you can also ask further questions – how can I make this situation feel freer to me. Often it is the mindset. Saying “I am choosing to do this work project because I made a commitment to get it done” feels freer than, “I have to get this done and I’d rather be out playing.”

Sometimes the freer option feels more open, but also scarier. Fear doesn’t make the option wrong. Often it means you are going in the right direction.

You can chose the freer option more than you think. Ask yourself if you are wavering, tilting towards the tighter choice, “Why am I holding back? What am I afraid of?”

I am wishing for you a freer year.


  • Rosemarie says:

    Lovely post Beth and so true – I have noticed recently that my body gets tight, shoulders hunch etc, when I’m doing something that doesn’t feel right. That phrase “doesn’t feel right” I always thought was just an emotional reference but the body really feels it and shows you too, if you learn to listen to it.

  • Sara says:

    When you are older, your friends and siblings become more important than everyday tasks. My neighbor wants company; consequently he spends several hours at my house and my time for “decluttering” and other chores is limited. I have tried to work while he is here, but it upsets him if I don’t sit with him; also it takes time from my visiting my sister who is in an assisted living home about 20 miles from where I live. But with your Declutter and Orgainize Calendar, I’m getting things done in the few free hours that I have. Thank you!

  • Beth says:

    You know what’s important Sara!

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