A Hobbit in My Bed


In honor of Tolkien’s birthday…

I arrive home to discover a hobbit asleep in my bed. I hesitate to wake him. He might want me to go on an adventure which I don’t have time for. Then I remembered hobbits typically don’t like adventures, preferring home, food, song, and friends.

I wonder what it would be like to have a hobbit friend. Joyfully sitting around a table talking. Singing songs with a beer stein in hand. I smile as I stare at the small being with huge feet sticking out from the blanket. A toe wiggles so I move closer, touching the toe to wake him.

He slowly, sleepily opens one eye then the other. “What might you be doing in my bed, not that I am mad, just curious?” I ask. (I was also thinking about the extra, stinky laundry I will have to do.)

He smiles and tells me he had been wandering about.   “I got weary so I found the closest place for a nap,” he says nonchalantly. Imagine sleeping wherever you want when you get tired!

“Now I am famished,” says the hobbit. “Do you have any grub?” I want to be hospitable, but I am also a vegetarian. Thankfully, he seems satisfied with acorn squash and turnip greens. He is fascinated by the microwave in which I cook the squash. “I don’t understand why you need to cook things faster, though. The anticipation is the greatest part,” he says.

I sigh at the pile of dirty dishes and the mess on the table and floor. He didn’t so much eat as fling food around in abandon as he took pleasure in the process.

He asks if I want to go on a wander. I look around again before saying, “Yes. Yes, I would like that.” So off we go on a small adventure of wondering wander – close to home.



  • Martha Lewis says:

    Delightful! A light wee story, thanks!
    Happy New Year, Beth!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks, Martha. Happy new year to you as well!

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