A Novel in the Morning


On Sunday, I wrote about Little Delights. On Monday, my day turned into one obligation after another. I had on my list to read my novel outside, but by the time I was able to it was dark.

This morning I was complaining about it in my journal and feeling very grumpy. When I heard myself say, “Well why don’t you read your novel this morning?”

That’s when I started arguing with myself. You don’t read novels in the morning. That’s too frivolous.  You are supposed to do spiritual stuff and things that get your mind in a positive attitude.

Wow – where was that coming from? It’s my life, why can’t I read a novel in the morning?

My exercise class is in the evening so I didn’t have to exercise in the morning. So after my quiet time, a little yoga and writing a friend who is going through a hard time I brought my novel downstairs.

I made a blueberry and cherry smoothie and went outside to read. It felt decadent. I may do this more often.

What seems too frivolous or decadent to do for you? Do you have certain times where you just don’t do things? Do you only do some activities on the weekend?

I want to challenge you to do something that you wouldn’t normally do.



Photo by Brea Dargis



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