A pile of dirty dishes


After dinner on Monday, I ran errands with my daughter. Then we took a 1 1/2 hour winter hike.


We had some frozen yogurt with my 2 day only coupon. When I got home I did my Declutter Group chat and sent out the transcripts. By this time I was exhausted physically and mentally, so I watched Scorpion with the family. I went to bed early and woke up to a pile of dishes.

Instead of calling myself lazy and losing energy immediately this morning, like I might have done at one time, I acknowledged the time choices I made yesterday. I looked at my schedule to see when I could do dishes. I’ll do them at lunch unless my daughter can do them before work.

We all have time choices to make every day. I chose to spend the evening with my daughter. I am happy with that choice.

Yet I know that is not always the case. Too much of our day is spent lamenting the time choices we already made. Since we all have many things we could be doing it may always feel like you didn’t get the right things done. We don’t have a time travel machine so we don’t know if that is true or not.  We act as if are thoughts are true about our time choices.

If something didn’t get done yesterday, look to see when you can do it today and how to make it easier. Leave the mental “I should have done…. I think I should have done….” in yesterday where it belongs.



Photos by Brea Dargis


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  • SO true.. Time spent with your daughter was the most important.. I seem to want to beat myself up, about not just doing it… and the time I spend the next day…fussing at myself…I could have already gotten it done.lol. Proud you enjoyed the day.

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