A Real Weekend

I remember Sunday afternoons. After church and Sunday dinner Dad would put on some classical music and read the paper. And my sister and I would read or play games. When the whether was lovely we would go hiking as a family or visit Lincoln Park Zoo. Sometimes we would go to one of Chicago’s fine museums. Winter was sledding or skiing. It was rare that anything was planned.

Do you look forward to the weekends or have they turned into regular days?

Now my clients tell me about bringing work home for the weekend that they didn’t finish during the week. Too often, when you tell yourself you can always bring the work home, you are less productive at work. Sometimes the work gets done on the weekend, sometimes it doesn’t, but it pulls and makes you feel guilty.

Instead of family fun, weekends are eaten up with errands, chores, organized sports and work. We want to keep up, have a house cleaner than Mom’s, and make sure our kids don’t miss out on something. But, all that tension of trying to do everything perfectly wears you out.

It’s hard to relax. Weekends are scheduled just as tightly as the rest of the week.

And when weekends are planned for fun – it’s a big party or a weekend trip somewhere. Even the fun is more planned and complicated.

What if you decided to take a few hours this weekend and didn’t plan anything? You just did what you and your family wanted to do.

Photo from Betsssy

You don’t have to go to every invitation. You don’t have to attend every game. You can say no to busy, weekend shopping.

You can take a nap. Or read. Or hang out with friends.

When you are more tired on Sunday night than you were Friday night, it’s time to stop running, running, running.

What would make this weekend great for you?

Look at your to do list for this weekend. Do you have anything on your list that would make you feel relaxed or joyful? if not, you know what to do.