A Simple Anniversary

My husband and I had a fantastic time on our anniversary weekend, though it raised a few eyebrows. In the past we’ve spent the weekend at a nice hotel or out for an expensive meal. Not this year.

The kids went to Jeff’s parents and we went to Lowe’s. We decided to work on creating a back flower garden. We walked hand in hand through the lumber aisle.

“You are doing home improvement on your anniversary?” a relative asked.

Back at home we were out in nature. We pulled and yanked weeds to create the garden area. I handed things to Jeff as he cut the wood and added the sprinklers. We even spent a few minutes laughing as it rained.

We worked up an appetite and went to AppleBee’s to split a nacho. It was dark by the time we get home. But we finished mulching to a light and the solar lights in the back.

When we were done we stood in the night, enjoying the view.

The next day we drove around looking for Farmer’s Markets and flower places out in the country. We continued driving down Lakeshore Drive seeing the gorgeous homes (but do you really need a tennis court in the backyard?), glimpsing Lake Michigan and the sand dunes along the way and talking.

We drove all the way to Grand Haven stopping for a sandwich and ice cream before driving back.

The past few afternoons and evenings we have gone into the backyard to enjoy our work.

I think working, rambling and resting are great connecting tools. And I look forward to spending time by the garden with Jeff this summer.