A Simpler Garage Sale

garaage sale

This weekend was lovely with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. I was at a friend’s house as we hosted a garage sale and caught up with our lives. The only reason I do garage sales is to spend time with friends. Otherwise I think they are more work than the money you make. I am always looking for ways to make garage sales simpler. Here are a few tips from our last garage sale:

  • Don’t label everything. Use boxes or tables where everything is $1, $2, 25 cents. Trust the people will give you the right area they found the item. Saving $1 is not worth the time it takes to label every single thing. Besides the point is to get rid of your clutter.
  • Lay books and DVDs so you can read all the titles. We used stackable wooden crates.
  • Keep bottled water with you.
  • Have each family track their own items and money. We used a piece of paper and a clip board with the names of each person in our family. Then wrote down the money received.
  • Make it a family affair. Have the kids help set up and take the money. You may be surprised by how wonderful they are at selling or displaying or greeting. My kids keep the money for what they declutter. This year they got rid of a few bags of things from their younger years.
  • Playing music helps everyone relax.
  • Keep the money and change on you in a little pack or purse. Otherwise you may be stuck sitting at the table. I like to walk around, talk with the customers or neighbors, and re-arrange things.
  • Have plastic grocery bags available for people to carry items in. (Another great thing to declutter, too.)
  • Have a free box to bring people in and get rid of more clutter.
  • Print out signs and tags from Family Fun
  • Advertise on Facebook, Craigslist and other free spots. Use simple signs with Big Bold Lettering. Make sure you can see the sign going both ways.
  • Make sure you have an outlet and extension cord to test electronics. We charged up the batteries on the remote control cars because they didn’t sell the first day. And we got rid of most of them the second day.

Do you have any tips to make garage sales simpler?


Photo Credit: Mac Inate