A Walk on the Beach

The sun was out after a long Michigan winter of grey – warming us up to almost 50 degrees.

I needed to get out into the sunshine. My son was at his friend’s house and Jeff was at work, so I invited my daughter out to the beach. 

Only a few cars were at Lake Michigan. A little cooler at the beach we pulled our scarves around our necks. The water was beautiful with ice floating serenely. At the end of the pier, ice and sand built around it like mountains. A couple seagulls called.

Parts of the beach we usually can’t access we were able to walk on because of the ice. My daughter kept saying, "This is so cool," as we discovered a new stone, two layers of ice near the beach or stood where we had never stood before.

Finding a crescent moon of dry sand on the wet sand she said, "You can find art anywhere." You can, can’t you?


I have not been outside much this snowy winter. I’ve forgotten how much sunshine and nature can affect my mood. We will be going again soon.

Big Red

My daughter and Big Red


Ice at the beach

icy beach

My daughter at Lake Michigan