‘Accomplishing Your Goals’ Training


I think one of the reasons we don’t make our goals is because we don’t have fun once we get there. And we don’t make them pleasurable on the journey.

We remember the last time we worked hard to accomplish something only to feel it wasn’t good enough or we moved straight to the next goal.

All those have to’s and should’s along the way are tiring just thinking about.

What would happen this year if you allowed yourself the pleasure of seeing your accomplishments AND the small steps along the way.

You declutter a shelf and then step back to admire how it looks. That feeling of joy can help propel you the next time you want to declutter something.

After a workout, bask in the glow of moving your body and exercising even when you didn’t want to. Then remember that moment the next time you want to exercise.

When you work on a part of your project, pause at the end to see all you accomplished already.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know it’s hard to let yourself enjoy just a part of the process or celebrate what’s not perfect. Think of this as training to help you accomplish more goals.


If you want to share your decluttering accomplishments and encourage others you can join this January’s Declutter Group.


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