I had an active Saturday. While I’ve never been athletic, I’ve always been active. Some of my favorite memories are hiking and biking with my family, running with some buddies and doing the 20-min workout with my best friend. I’d take long walks around the neighborhood. I loved to swim every chance I could. I discovered weights in college.

There have been times when I have stopped exercising, usually do to illness. And it takes a bit to remember why I like it. The starting can be intimidating. But, I notice I feel stiffer if I haven’t done yoga in awhile. Jars become harder to open if I haven’t lifted weights. And running with the kids leaves me out of breath if I have forgotten my cardio.

Saturday morning I lifted weights and did yoga. Later the kids wanted to go on a bike ride with me. So we dusted off the bikes from winter and headed out. I had forgotten the wonderful feeling of cool breeze and feeling like you are flying. When my husband woke up we ventured to two different beaches. One with a large set of stairs. We took a new road and discovered we could get to his parent’s town from the beach much faster that way.

We played at the park. The swings are my favorite, though they have these new plastic huge button looking things that swing as you walk on them.

Afterwards we went to a friend’s house for a bit before going home. He has a enchanting pond with tons of frogs and fish. And birds fly all around. My daughter caught one of the frogs and had to send her brother in the fetch me so I could oo and ah over it. I remember catching frogs when I was younger, too. I was always disappointed we couldn’t take them home with us in the car. But, for some reason my parents always said no 🙂

Today was more relaxed with making chocolate chip cookies, reading and planning.