Adding Peace to Your Day


Everyone is feeling the nastiness of post election right now. Some are angry and terrified. Some are being blasted for who they voted for or for going 3rd party. Some are called hateful words in the name of love. We cannot heal when people are lashing out and shaming from their own lack of peace and from fear that rose. We all need to bring our best selves to this world.

Here are some ways to add peace to your day:

  • Turn off social media completely or scroll by stuff you know will trigger you.
  • Stay away from the news (which is most likely just reporting half truths anyway).
  • Spend each morning in prayer, meditation, or journaling for a longer time than usual.
  • Process your emotions rather than spewing them on others.
  • Listen to music that helps you process emotions and/or makes you hopeful or calmer.
  • Get out into nature and take a walk.
  • Be your higher, kinder self in all interactions.
  • Take 10 deep breaths before responding.
  • Surround yourself with more silence. Turn off the radio in the car. Don’t have the TV on as background noise.
  • Dance and sing.
  • Turn off the computer, TV and phone three hours before bed for a week.
  • Stretch – take note of your jaw, shoulders and neck.
  • Browse a bookstore.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Read an easy book that you can immerse yourself in. Maybe a book from your childhood.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Notice things in your current season. Fall in Michigan is beautiful. We made roasted pumpkin seeds last night.
  • Think about what makes us all similar as humans – worry over work, wanting our kids to have a better life, longing to belong, longing for love and kindness.
  • Create a collage.
  • Volunteer.

Peace within, peace without. Isn’t that what they say? How can you create more peace within this week?



  • Lynette says:

    Browse a hook store, card shop or library.
    Give something away.

  • Karen Miller says:

    this is an awesome list and reminder to simplify and make an effort to be at peace!! I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without my faith in our Lord! Blessings to you and thanks!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Yes faith is a big part for me as well, Karen.

    Love those Lynette!

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