Aligning Your Spending with Your Beliefs

I just got back from a local diner that has the best hamburgers around. It’s been there since 1924 and has 50s music playing. The owners and waitresses called many people by name. A grandpa was there with his young grandson. A group of of people that work together put tables together. An older lady hung out at the counter chatting with the owner. The place was very clean. My meal was probably $2 more than it would have been at fast food, but it was worth it to me.


I prefer to spend my money at local shops even if they cost a bit more. As we go into the holiday spending season, where do you plan to spend your money? I would rather get 1/2 a pound of candy at Mainstreet Sweet Shoppe, then get a pound at Sam’s Club. I love to get presents at Out of the Box game store since my daughter goes there on free game nights.

I no longer keep money in a big bank, but instead use a credit union where they welcome me by name every time I enter.

I love it when I can buy something environmentally friendly and chemical free. And I am willing to pay a little more for that.

When you buy less stuff, you can buy according to your beliefs easier.

It’s time to budget for the holidays and start making your lists. What can you buy locally or that aligns with your beliefs?

You can make a difference with your spending.