Annual Planning


New Year’s Resolutions are like fun wishes.

I prefer Annual Planning so there are plans for the things I want to do. I found most of the goal setting workbooks I tried only stuffed my life with more to do’s I didn’t have time for.

So I created my own Annual Planner which along with goal setting includes time ideas and ways to simplify the year. It’s the system I use to go from goals to accomplishments.

This year I did my workbook and came up with some aspirations.

Then I played with a new online program called Trello. You can create cards, add pictures and checklists and move the cards around.

My Goals board looks like this:


When you click on a card it looks like this:


I have it set up so the dates in Trello come up in my Google Calendar. I also love my goals board because it is visual which is motivating to me.

I can’t wait to start moving cards into the done column.



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