Are Two Monitors Better Than One?

In my desk makeover blog post, I had a few people ask why I have two monitors.

I had been reading about how two monitors increases productivity. (Studies show 20-30% improvement.) I use the computer a lot in my work. But, I wasn’t going to buy a second monitor.

So, I was pleased when my husband said his old monitor didn’t work with his new computer system and would I like it.

He set it up after some fiddling. And I love it.

I can have Quicken up on one screen and the places I am paying online up at the same time. Without moving, shrinking, or messing with the windows.

I can have research up on one screen and my blog open in another.

It’s great for evaluating spreadsheets, copying and pasting, comparing products.

I can videoconference on Skype and have on the other screen what we are talking about.

The website I am working on can be on one screen while the code is on the other.

Not everyone needs two monitors. For the average user, it’s probably overkill. But, for people that do a lot of computer work, you can spend less time working by upping the productivity.