Are We Becoming Shallow?


The other day my son said there isn’t going to be any cool inventions pretty soon because no one has the time to think or experiment.

Are we becoming a people that no longer has time to think? Just do, do, do?

I worry that without time for deep thinking, we will become shallow, only thinking about the basic things.

What do you think?



  • Susan says:

    I agree with you, that our society is so oriented to productivity that there is little room for down time. I am an introverted person, who also is very introspective, contemplative, whatever you want to call it. I’ve actually had people make thinly veiled insulting remarks referring to their opinion that I “think too much”. Also would add that the Facebook, My Space, Twitter social networking phenomenon probably doesn’t foster much deep thinking or relationship/connection. People barely speak in complete sentences!

    Sign me,
    “Fish Out of Water”

  • Diana says:

    Tell your son not to worry. There are hundreds of thousands of people who aren’t in the shallow loop, who don’t watch TV while their lives pass them buy, who enjoy the process of thinking and get bliss from the process of creating and figuring out new inventions. The bliss a football fan experiences during the Super Bowl they experience daily as they think and try out ideas and redo and rebuild and try a new angle until they reach something as close to perfection as they can find. Often they are so excited about the process they don’t sleep or eat and although it’s hard on their families they don’t communicate much either. These people are all around us and look like just anyone but you may not see them taking part in anything that wastes their precious time and doesn’t excite them or give them great enjoyment. It takes a lot to give them more enjoyment than thinking and inventing and being on the cutting edge of the “new”.
    Often our present day “experts” have little regard for them. This has always been the case. Any example is blood letting done by Drs in the early 18th century and before. Actually blood letting is a necessity is certain isolated cases but as a rule it did more harm then good and those who refused it were chastized and considered wrong/ignorant/dangerous. The same thing is happening today.
    To the former blogger. I have also been told I think too much but I’ve written and published a book and fortunately my nephew and great nephew and at least one of my great neices, and her father , my nephew who has a PHD and is a college professor also think too much! I am sure you enjoy most of your thoughts, they certainly keep us entertained! I was told once by my mother that I used a vocabulary that made her feel stupid. I have for years used a simple vocabulary in my everyday interactions but delight when I’m with my friends and family who can understand the wonderful words I love to use even though I’ve lost some due to all the years of talking at a 3rd grade level.

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