Are You A Product of Your Environment – Part 3


In Part 1, you learned how to create nurturing environments. In Part 2 I showed you how to change habits with the help of your environment. Another part of your environment that can help are routines and systems.

Routines and Systems

Part of designing supportive environments are the routines and systems that make your life easier. Morning routines, a mail system, your daily work checklist, and having a once a week errand day are some examples.

When you go throughout your day, what time of the day always bogs you down. Do you need a meal planning routine because 6:00 is always a difficult time because you don’t know what do make for dinner?

Or maybe a new laundry system because it’s 6:30 am and you have nothing to wear.

Keep track this week of where a system or routine might be helpful for you.


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