Are You A Product of Your Environment – Part 4

People are the most important part of your environment.


We don’t need to go through life alone. One of the most important support structures will be other people. Do you have a friend to call when you get sick, but your kids have to go somewhere? Who would you go to if disaster fell? Who can you talk to when you are feeling down? Who do you have the opportunity to nurture and support?

Friends are one of the first things to go in a busy life. Who has the time? Everyone needs to make time. Relationships are what we remember, not the things or the work.

And if life suddenly breaks down, you need people to help you.

How can you make time for friends?

  • Have a standing lunch date with a friend every other week
  • Join an evening exercise class with some aquaintances you want to get to know better
  • Join a book club, art class or something that interests you, to meet other people with your interests
  • Connect with the people you volunteer with
  • Run errands together with friends
  • Chat with your neighbors during a yard work break
  • Take 30 minutes once a week to write/call/or email friends
  • Support others as often as you can – bring food, do laundry, send flowers, babysit if a friend is going through a hard time
  • Talk to strangers in line, cashiers and others 

You want to be able to be there for others and have a support system if things get rough.