Are You Really Living Your Life?

Is your life nothing but a blur, running from one place to another? Nothing seems enough. You half listen when people talk. You are always anxious about the next thing on your list.

There is a more peaceful way. You can choose to be present to your life as it is now. Listening when people talk with you. Soaking in the flowers and sunshine. Chucking some things you feel you need to do for some things you want to do.

What if you were physically present to what you were doing? Feeling the keys on the keyboard. Listening to the purr of the cat.  Tasting the coolness of the pudding.

It doesn’t take more time to be more present in your life. But it does take focusing on what you are doing at the moment. Not the next moment. If you find yourself worrying about what is next, just jot down a note and get back into the present moment.

My daughter marvels at how we find things just about every time we go on a nature walk. That’s because we are in the woods, at the creek, in the sand. Our minds aren’t on things we have to do. When we are present, we are able to see things many people miss.


What are you missing in your rush to be five steps ahead?

"Life is measured by the number of things you are alive to." – Maltbie D. Babcock