Are you rich? Most likely yes. If you have clean water, access to education, a roof over your head, you are rich. You are reading this from a computer which you have access to. You are probably rich. Do you own a car? 93% of the world population doesn’t.

Too often we compare ourselves to celebrities and CEO’s of big companies and think of how poor we are. But, compared to the world in general you may be in the top 8%.

We buy so much extra stuff because we don’t feel we have enough or are enough. When really we have more than enough.

Get Rich Slowly has a post on feeling rich being more about attitude and less about money.

Rich or Poor? Sometimes Its All In Your HeadÂÂ

You may be richer than you think.

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    […] 8. Get in a good mind set. Every day say an intention/affirmation, “I live in financial integrity. I am on the way to living debt free. I will feel freer, lighter and happier.” Put it on a card in your wallet so you will see it before you spend. Visit frugal messageboards for inspiration and see how many people make a game out of living frugally. Every evening write down your triumphs in your journal. “Today, I put the magazine back down.” “Instead of going out for lunch, my friend and I decided to take a walk.” Remember you are rich. Quit comparing yourself to others. See yourself as someone who is frugal and responsible with money. […]

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