Are you stuck and overwhelmed?

Are you stuck and overwhelmed with all you have to do today, this week, this month…?

Too often when those feelings strike you end up freezing and procrastinating. It’s hard to move forward when you don’t even know which way to go.

I wrote this recently to someone taking the Procrastination eCourse:

It has really been helpful for me to realize that since life keeps going I am not going to have an empty inbox. Something will always need doing. That just means I get to pick what is most important to me and my family at that moment.

Plan for relaxing time. Yesterday I had a long list of things to do since we are leaving for vacation on Thursday. Instead I relaxed and today I am energized!

Another helpful thing for me is to have the big list of everything I need to do and the daily list of only 7-10 things. That hones the prioritizing skill. To come up with a number that’s good for you, average out how many to do’s you get done a day for one week. Only have that amount on your daily to do list.

I used to have 20 things on my to do list. When I did this exercise I realized I could never get that many done in one day. No wonder I felt defeated all the time!

If I get all my 7-10 to do’s done, I can always peek on the master list for more. But being able to complete my to do list almost every day is a big stress reliever.

How about you? Are you looking at a huge list of things to do? Can you pare it down to 10 things just for today? What matters most to your values and goals? What will matter in 5 years? What feels expansive and like it is moving your forward?