Are You Stuck on a Project?


I had this grand idea of a comprehensive how to simplify everything book/workbook. I started with excitement and wrote about 5 sections. But then the book got stuck. Procrastination. Playing around with what I already wrote but not doing anything new. Other projects became more important.

I quit working on it because project seemed so big.


Then this past week I was thinking that if the book was too big and complicated to create, it was probably too big to read as well.

Ironic that I had overcomplicated the simplicity manual.

I have re-launched the project, but this time I am creating workbooks by topic so people can read only what they are interested in simplifying.  This feels more doable and I have some fun design ideas around it as well.

How about you? Do you have a project that has stalled? Maybe something you were passionate about when you started?

Perhaps you can think of the project in smaller steps or simplify the project. And keep breaking down the steps until they feel manageable.

(And if you have something to simplify that you want more in depth information on, please leave a comment and I may include a workbook or section on it)


Photo Credit: Woodley Wonder Works

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