Are you unconscious with your money?


Living within your means is a great way to simplify your life. We will be talking more about that in the Simplify Your Money Systems class.

At the same time creating so little income that you can’t meet your needs is a way to complicate your life.

It is not more spiritual to be poor. That only makes more poor people. Segments of society tell us that money is evil, rich people are evil, and you can’t be a good, moral person with money.  You only become more you. If you are generous and loving you only become more so with more cash and resources to do so. You aren’t taking from someone else with your success any more than breathing takes someone else’s air away.

We don’t feel guilty about going after better relationships, getting healthier, or seeing beauty. But, most of us have great resistance to money. It is just another form of abundance. Not the only form.

When people resist thinking about money they don’t pay attention to their finances. Bills are late, debt accumulates, and savings dwindles. The result is more stress and a life not lived to the full potential.

If you are uncomfortable with the concept of money, going numb about it will not help you in your life.

For less stress, you need to notice what is coming in and out of your accounts each month. You need to know what is due and when. How much debt are you in? How much will you need for retirement?

Once you have the facts about your money, you can start noticing your thoughts about money. What childhood or societal thoughts about money have you been running on? If you need more income to get your needs met, what can you give or do to bring value to society? What skills can you upgrade? What entrepreneurial idea has been bouncing around in your mind? Is it time to ask for a raise?

If you are one that has always struggled to get all your bills paid each month, it’s time to get conscious about your money and your thoughts about money for a less stressed, more fully lived life.

P.S This does not mean getting down on yourself for financial mistakes. You are always learning.

P.P.S. This does not mean the poor are doing something wrong. We all know bad circumstances can hit people. That’s why it’s helpful if we make more so we can be generous.

No judgment for you. No judgment for others.


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