Are You Wasting Your Time if You Organize?

I was reading this article that claims yes you are wasting your time if you organize. It talks a lot about creating folders in gmail or just using the search feature. The search feature will save time.

I’ve seen pantry organization that looks like it belongs in a museum it’s so pretty. But, if you don’t have much time you might not want that as your goal. When it is you get stuck on, "My pantry just isn’t as lovely as theirs. I decluttered it and organized it and it still looks like a pantry." If it is usable that is the important thing right?

The same goes for complicated time systems. When the upkeep takes so much time, is it worth it?

I know people that are so particular in their filing that some files only have 1 or 2 pieces of paper in them. Broad categories are usually more efficient.

Where in your life has the quest for organization gotten out of hand? What is a simpler solution?