Are You Well Informed?


I’ll bet you’ve already received lots of information today through email, blogs, listening, TV, audio recordings, magazines, or books.

Now the tough question – did you implement anything? Did you do anything with the information you received?


It’s easy to think we are improving when we are reading a good book or listening to a helpful audio, but we aren’t improving anything unless we do something.

Even if the doing, is thinking about something deeper. Or journaling about what the information means to you.

If you have lots of things to take action on, it might be time to quit looking for more information for a little bit and use that time to do things.

I have an implement file folder in my action folder – it has articles of recipes I may want make, craft ideas, productivity measures, new habits and other actions to implement. Some will work for me, some won’t, but I don’t know unless I try. I look through it once a week to see if I want to implement anything for the coming week.

For emails that need action I use Google tasks. I also email myself articles to read for actions. A Google task could be ‘read _______ for first action to take’.

After I read,I can either take action right then on one thing or write my next action to take in Google tasks.

One of my to do lists in Google tasks is my information list. It holds web articles I want to read, audios to listen to, and new websites I want to visit.  This is a different list so I don’t get distracted when doing my to do’s. I won’t automatically visit a site or listen to an audio when I first hear about it. I can be deliberate about how much information I take in.

So today, try to take action on at least one piece of information. (And if you do that, you are taking action on this blog post of information. You get a bonus!)


Photo Credit: Fuyoh

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